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Romanian Scams and Death Threats
This post is designed to give tips for new punters so they don't get mugged.

I will share with you my experiences with Romanians throughout the years and why I have banned them.

1) bait and switch - agency and independent escort girls uses this tactic. They simply use a fake photo to lure you. Actual girl is no where near as appealing

2) short time - if you do decide to book an Romanian escort, never book anything more than 30mins. I can guarantee you 90% of the time you will be out in 15minutes even though you paid for more time. This is their business model to rip-off punters

3) Deposit scams - never pay deposit upfront. These bitches scams your hard earned and be gone

4) I have received deaths threats before for inquiring location and availablity. They tried to accuse me of time wasting so I must make up their business losses. Again, this is another scam. They just want to take advantage of new punters. 

5) Even if you come across a slightly better girl. It is often not what they have advertised on their do-list. No kissing, no touching, no sex in fact, only massage. As soon as you walk into the room, even if you exit, they take half the sum.

If you're new, I hope my post is useful to you. My advice is stay away from dirt cheap Romanians. They can fuck off back to Romania for ruining the market

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