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Scammed by High Society Models
(03-11-2022, 15:55)Dannie94 Wrote: High society are nothing but FRAUDS!!

It’s just a pyramid scheme to pay for her shit blonde hair extensions and to find Jack Proctors porn addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did any of the models know Jake has access to their ID’s and personal videos! disgusting!!!!!!

Made me work for 55% in the group chat for hours on end so I couldn’t webcam, so I was basically working for free to earn them money! Angry@@@@@@  None of her admin like her, loads are now going to start their own groups and pull the victims from her group free.
Fuck you Emily. Fuck you jake who squeezed my friends breasts at their party!!!!!!!!!

This is disgraceful, Please gals take my advice and be independent and work for yourself, and have complete control over your profile, your hours, and everything x And AW admin/help desk has always been amazing with me whenever I have encountered any issues.  Emily from what I've read is a total narcissistic vampire ....terrible
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