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Scammed by High Society Models
(17-08-2022, 08:44)Louisa-xox Wrote: Not sure where to start with this, im so distraught and upset. I seen one of their adverts on Insta, signed up a few months ago and started working. Got told a credit is worth 55p, I asked this a few times as my clients kept telling me they are worth £1, so confusing!!

I asked on the adult works live help and they confirmed £1 for a credit so I submitted my leave request here woek up the next morning to find my profile deleted and no pay for any of my credits, I had first thought it had to be a mistake but after lots of back and forth with the "admin" staff / AmiliaQueen_xox who just berate you and make you feel thick af I got to the truth, if I click "leave group" (which AW themselves instructed me to do so) then I forfeit all my credits (334.27!!!) and they will deactivate me for not going by their rules!

How is this even legal? What can I do? Someone please help me Heart I have complained to adult works about them.

Can’t believe I’ve also just been through the same, I left another company after Emily’s company approached me following my post in here about cam girls stealing my credits, apparently her team of solicitors she has for her models could help me take them to town (it never happened) but in return She then Had me trying to recruit new girls from the group chat I was in previously with the other agency, she was constantly asking in the group chat for people to send her what’s app messages saying how she and HSM had changed their life’s. Her partner is even worse having access to girls pictures ? a few girls had commented on this as he was in the group chat and also did the profile verification. The admin team is massive but what this makes for is some power hungry newbie models given a quick promotion very much being snooty and bitchy when girls ask questions.  

Anyway I couldn’t deal with the negativity and the constant fakery over posts splashed all over insta and Tik Tok so left, and guess what she messed my profile up and stole my credits just like the other agency she tried to save me from did. 

She’s filming for a documentary on sex workers which is to be broadcast in January about her agency so I will be sending all my proof over to the researcher of this as surely a scam artist shouldn’t be promoting an agency in this way for unsuspecting newbies to then be influenced to join. 

She comes across like she really knows what she is talking about however this is far from the reality in my experience and from others I’ve spoken with. She was very new to the industry I’ve since found out when she started HSM having come from another agency herself. 

I’ve found from my own personal experience that Cam girls and HSM are nothing but utter scam artists. 

I’ve since created a brand new profile and I’m now independent as I’ve had nothing but sheer awful experiences with rogue agencies since coming into this industry

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