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Scammed by High Society Models
(17-08-2022, 10:57)Louisa-xox Wrote: Adult works have just replied to me, they say the credits are the property of the group manager, but I worked for them, it was me sitting in front of the camera, how can a business do this? Is that it, is the money I worked for gone because the group wants to take them from me? Is there really no one that can help me at all? Im just drained from this whole affair, sorry if im coming across as rude.

I will look into contacting the newspapers about them thank you xx

Hi hun; I've been where you are but a long time ago. I've been webcamming on and off for about 4 years now but the last 12 months of camming has changed my life. I have been in many groups along the way; my frost group scammed me out of a lot of credits and money. I didn't get them back and unfortunately took it as a lesson learnt. I know your upset at the moment; but don't give up. Set yourself up a new profile with a trustworthy group and make them credits back. It's not all bad in webcamming I promise you and some groups are lovely. 

These are ones I've been in that have paid: 

I recently moved to adult works finest performers - I have always been paid the exact credits and they are actually the highest paying group I've found. Happy to support you if you decided to join) 

Sexy Kittens 60% - I have always been paid the exact amount however issues with admin and the group chat not always very supportive. (I was kicked out of this group because of an issue with one of the admin) 

Only allure models - owner is very nice however takes 50% which in my opinion is very high. He does help a lot with your camming but no social group of girls. 

Don't give up on camming because of them xoxo
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