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Scammed by High Society Models
(17-08-2022, 08:44)Louisa-xox Wrote: Not sure where to start with this, im so distraught and upset. I seen one of their adverts on Insta, signed up a few months ago and started working. Got told a credit is worth 55p, I asked this a few times as my clients kept telling me they are worth £1, so confusing!!

I asked on the adult works live help and they confirmed £1 for a credit so I submitted my leave request here woek up the next morning to find my profile deleted and no pay for any of my credits, I had first thought it had to be a mistake but after lots of back and forth with the "admin" staff / AmiliaQueen_xox who just berate you and make you feel thick af I got to the truth, if I click "leave group" (which AW themselves instructed me to do so) then I forfeit all my credits (334.27!!!) and they will deactivate me for not going by their rules!

How is this even legal? What can I do? Someone please help me Heart I have complained to adult works about them.

Hiya. So sorry to hear about what you’ve been through. That group and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. I’ve just been nosing at their group page and they brag about how they’ve been featured in newspapers. I wonder if you could threaten to go to those papers to tell them how that group really treats its members. It seems there are many others who have been scammed by the same group so I imagine those papers would be keen to hear about it if it’s affecting a lot of people. Surely that group would be wise enough to pay you what they owe you rather than have the bad press? Might be worth a try xx
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