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Scammed by High Society Models
Hi, I feel for you I really do, after 16 years doing this on Adultwork I have lost count of the amount of these "fly by night" groups that pop up randomly, scam a bunch of people and most drift off never to be seen again.

This group is run by Jacob Proctor and Emily Udell so not sure that counts as "female run" like they say.


An Adultwork credit is worth £1 yes, Adultwork as this in explicit detail here

AW admin fee is 30% so you are essentially paid 70p per credit on your AW balance.

For their very restrictive unnecessary rules: "If you leave the chat (they mean the whatsapp group chat) without a message beforehand, I will deactivate your profile immediately, and your credits will be forfeited as per our Group Terms." - this is most likely related to showing a high number strength in their whatsapp group so they can say we have X amount of members in the group, artificially inflating the numbers and also to try and stop people from leaving then the rest of the group going "omg why did they leave?", it stops the tsunami of people leaving and their "business" collapsing/taking major damage (example London Sapphires, start of 2022 lost half their membership overnight when everyone in the group found out about a credit not being worth 50p but £1)

Its totall uncalled for, its literally stealing members credits and trying to justify it by saying "well you left the whatsapp group".

On Adultwork at the moment, unfortunately you wont be able to get the credits back sorry, these scam groups take advantage of the current Adultwork TOS (recent addition) that the group manager has all rights over the credits, no legitimate group enforces this but these scammy groups will surely enforce it.

For getting the profile back, you can use this link - you may re-appear back in the group if you didnt get an email saying they had released you, you would have to click leave group again, this can cause alot of down time for you and stress. Sometimes its easier just creating a new profile for yourself.

The group has no right to deactivate your profile and its actually illegal to do so under GDPR.

Having a nosey through the history of their group homepage they have had the following before, they seem to have rephrased it in their latest updated text but its still the same essentially.

Lets do a quick breakdown:

"Models must give a 7 day notice period before instructing a "Leave Request" via AW as per the Group Terms on it's group page on AW. Failure to do so will result in credits forfeited".

This means you have to tell them you want to leave 7 days before you are allowed to mention it to AW, this makes it very awkward to leave and a very high probability they will not payout your credits when you click to leave on AW, essentially making you work for 7 days so they can take your credits at the end without paying you.

These are their group terms of use:

"High Society Models - Membership Terms

If members employ persons to set up and/or allow others to access to their profiles, will not become involved with any financial arrangements they may have had with that person(s).

With the exception of any Group Member Profile that is covered by a support agreement with one of our Business Advisors, should a Group Member wish to leave a Group, the following rules will apply:

      Group Member should submit a leave request to the Group Manager advising why they wish to leave the Group.

      Group Manager should action that request in a timely manner here.

      Group Manager has the right to transfer all available credits to their account before the Group Member is removed.

      Any pending credit transfer requests cannot be changed unless it is with the agreement of both Group Manager and Group Member.

      In all cases the cleared credit balance of the Group Member remains the property of the Group Manager until the point of removal from the Group.

      Should the Group Manager not remove the Group Member's profile from their Group in a timely manner, the Group Member can contact us and we will take action to remove them and transfer outstanding credit balances to Group Manager's account.

      Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a Member's personal details remain their property, regardless of who created the profile. If a Group Member requests removal, the Group Manager (“GM”) is obliged to do so without hindrance to the Group Members ability to access their profile, either while still within, or outside of the Group. - The group should take special notice of this.

      Advertiser profiles must not be used, re-used or copied by anyone other than the original person the profile belongs to.

Last Updated: Tuesday 25 June 2019


At no point does it mention the group will deactivate your profile over such silly things as leaving the group chat. Nor does it state you have to request to leave them 7 days before clicking the leave button on AW, thats just forcing the member not to work for over a week in fear of having their credits stolen. Once the group manager knows the person is trying to leave they make them work the 7 days and never pay them, no fucks given from the group manager! They must think its the wild west with peoples income and livelihoods!

AW really need to step in and do something about these scammy groups.

Black text below is their group description, green text is my added notes.

From the old text:


High Society Models is a female run (when you see "female run" being used to draw you in run the other direction, also Jacob Proctor doesnt appear to be a female) modelling agency which offers webcam and adult services. We are a diverse, friendly (just dont cross them, it'll cost you your profile and your credits) agency which promotes empowerment to women ("empowerment to women" another set of words you should avoid like the plague, this usually means they are taking advantage of you) (and men).  "promotes empowerment to women" - you are empowering them by enforcing such ludicrous rules on them, threatening to deactive their profile and threatening to steal their credits?

Joining the agency allows our models to create financial independence via a flexible self- employment roll with no restrictions or expectations and with unlimited earning potential. "financial independence via a flexible self- employment roll with no restrictions or expectations" not sure financial independenceis having someone literally tell you you will forfeit your earnings for asking to leave the group or leaving the group chat.

We have an amazing group of models, who communicate daily via a WhatsApp group. There is on going support, guidance and advice in all aspects of life, not just to do with "work"

Unlike most Groups on here, we are a legitimate Agency which offers so many benefits. Most groups simply pay you weekly or daily, and nothing else. Here at High Society Models we offer all the below and more: "legitimate Agency" - stop it, the world has second hand embarassment when you say that.

- We are ICO registered
- VAT Registered (We do not charge our VAT back to our models) <<< NO other agency does this!! (neither do AW, so why would any group at all?)
- We are registered with Companies House
- We are in line with IR35 rules
- The group manager is GDPR trained - clearly not going by GDPR law though, you cannot deactivate a members profile because they didnt do as you told them to do.
- We pay via a Business Account
- Numerous Incentives
- Prizes and gifts to be won
- High Take Home % - 55% which goes up if you wish to progress in the Admin Scheme (please see below) "High Take Home %" - You think taking a whooping 15% of a persons income in "high take home"? What actual benefit do you offer in exchange for such an eye watering amount?
- Progression opportunities; Trainee Admins, Admins, Senior Admins, and Managers
- Low minimum pay out (15 credits)
- Weekly pay AS WELL as "On request pay" which means you can have your credits whenever you want! <<< NO other agency does this!! BETTER than daily pay. - Payout On Request has been used by other groups for over a decade.
- Regular Model Parties
- Free Daily Group Featuring
- Accepts new models AND experienced Models - Im sure no experienced AW model would join the group.

>> We have grown to be one of the biggest agencies on here within less than a year for a reason. Come and find out why << - at this very moment the group has 9747 ratings, there are members on AW who has more ratings themselves and certainly 9747 ratings for a AW group is very low.

Please get in contact on information for how to join.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Emily xox

Now lets move onto to their updated group description:

>> Welcome to High Society Models! <<

In the past year, our models have had £2,299,466.39 spent on them - this is just impossible and makes no sense.

We have 31 members in our Admin Team

We have 5 Managers, 6 Assistant Managers, 6 Senior Admins, 8 Admins and 5 Trainee Admins So someone is always around to help and support you

We have 5 Group Chats, all with their own Admin Team

We have 1,522 fully verified models


Who are High Society Models?

High Society Models is a female run (Jacob isnt female) modelling agency which offers webcam and adult services. We are a diverse, friendly agency which promotes empowerment to women (and men). We are unlike any other agency out there. - The group is just like all other scammy groups out there, "female empowerment/friendly" the meaning of these words are lost on the group, you dont charge 15% fee for nothing and call it female empowerment.

We have an amazing group of models, who communicate daily via a WhatsApp group. There is on going support, guidance and advice in all aspects of life, not just to do with "work"

Unlike most Groups on here, we are a legitimate Agency (but you arent, you steal members credits and deactivate their profiles), not just an Adult Work Group. We are an official Webcam Modelling Agency, which offers countless benefits you won't find anywhere else. Most Adult Work Groups simply pay you weekly or daily, and nothing else. Here at High Society Models we offer more than any other group or agency out there. We are not some robotic, financially driven agency like some. (You literally are financially driven, you charge 15%) We are just normal (well… kind of haha) kind hearted, (kind hearted must have a different meaning for Jacob and Emily) webcam models ourselves who want the best for anyone who joins us!


Our Benefits


We have a super fast turn around time for building profiles. No waiting days for a reply! We can build your profile, and get you verified quickly. We also offer 'On request pay' (more information below) so as soon as you have earned your credits and they have cleared, you can have your first pay out!! Start today, get paid tomorrow.


We recently hosted a 3 day festival at an amazing Villa which included a photo shoot, hot tub, big party, a family fun day where all food and drink was supplied. We. have previously done nights out in Manchester where we have stayed in big party mansions, and we are now planning our massive Halloween Party down south in Bristol. - How do this benefit the hard working webcammer getting 15% extra of their money taken from them? Thats a very expensive party for them.


Not only do we offer intensive initial training on site navigation, we also offer continuous training along with so many tips, tricks, script examples, schedule examples, motivational credit break downs, acronym dictionary and so much more! This is all on an exclusive, hidden training site which you will have a private log in for. Myself and the managers also do 'Workshop' calls to go over things in more depth if you were to ever need us to.


Whether it’s from one of our amazing group chats of around 100-200 other models, or from a catch up call, rant, chin wag, or whatever with me, or one of your admin team, to our managers “Monday Mental Health Check-in with Gemma”. Regardless whether it’s to do with webcamming, or something in your personal life, we are always here to support you in any way we can. We genuinely care about our models! - "We genuinely care about our models!" Fell off my chair for that one, how is doing what you do caring for the members?


A lot of agencies pay every 2 weeks. We pay every Monday evening. (only on Mondays? Other groups you can select any day of the week) We have now also introduced ‘On request pay’. In this industry you hear of ‘Daily Pay’ agencies who are (were) our biggest competitor, as some people want to make money quickly. So with us always wanting to improve and to always be the best out there (then stop charging 15%, stop deleting peoples profiles, stop stealing credits, offer more than just Monday pay and offer automatic dailypay), I had to take it a step better… ‘On request pay’ does what it says on the tin. (you offer something which hasbeen available for over a decade on AW andbrand it as something new and unique?) It gives our models the chance to have the money they have made immediately instead of waiting until Monday.

I remember what it was like not being able to afford my gas and running on the emergency credit. (no more running out of money for you, taking 15% of peoples earnings and then just out right stealing their credits) We want our models to. know they can turn to us and webcam modelling whenever they need to, and that their earnings are easily accessible.


Adult Work, and a lot of other agencies have a minimum pay out of credits set at 200. (none have this, this is AWs min) Meaning, if you don’t hit 200 credits in a week, you will have to wait until you hit 200 to be able to transfer them (and then wait 2 weeks for them to be paid to your bank). At High Society Models, our minimum payout is only 15 credits Even if you make 15 credits in a week, we will still always transfer it to you on a Monday morning (or before with ‘on request pay’) That’s a few costa coffees; every little helps! ("every little helps!" - lost for words now, you charge them 15%)


We often hold competitions, and incentives for prizes. Eg. We do “Webcammer of the week” so whoever myself and the managers feel has grafted (not necessarily the highest earner) and truly deserves it gets £10 extra in their bank. We have 5 group chats, and therefore have 5 winners each week. We also host “Game nights” where again, you win prizes for simply logging in and earning. We have just paid out over £1,000 in bonus prizes that included spa breaks, and spa getaways. We also have one running at the moment where you can win and pick from things like a holiday, helicopter ride, or even a zoo keeper for a day! We also run weekly competitions for free featuring on the homepage. You wouldn’t get those kind of bonuses if you were not with High Society Models.


We have designed and created our own merchandise which caters for all! With lace lingerie to comfortable loungewear and in sizes ranging from XS-XXXL. They are readily available to any of our models should they wish to purchase one. It’s a great statement piece, and an amazing way to promote your agency! (You charge your members to promote your own group?)

PAYMENTS COME FROM A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ACCOUNT (only recently as the Cashplus account details werent in a LTD name)

Again, this is a very important point, as it effects your payments. Most agencies pay from their personal current account, because where they don’t do anything above board they are unable to get a Business Account. This leads into a lot of agencies unable to pay their models very suddenly, because it is a breach of a current account Terms and Conditions to use it as a business account (ie. paying out to numerous payees regularly) and therefore their accounts are shut down with immediate effect, meaning they would need to re-submit a beneficiary application to the streaming site, and then wait 3 weeks for the first initial payment, all whilst models are left without their pay. This would never happen here at High Society Models, as we have a legitimate Business Account, we have a corporate plan, with a corporate team manager who we deal with directly. It's hard for any business in the Adult entertainment industry to hold a legitimate, stable bank account as most are commissioned by MasterCard. Ours is not. Our bank know we are in the Adult Entertainment industry and do not discriminate like every other bank. - CardOne certainly dont, in their TOS it states "1.5 The Card One Money Business Account is not available to businesses providing certain goods and services such as pornography"


We are officially an enterprise client of one of the biggest law firms in the UK. This means we now have fast access to highly experienced solicitors. The law firm consists of very experienced, partner level solicitors recruited from top 100 UK law firms or legal departments of large international business. There are two main reasons why we have done this. It’s a massive goal for us and hopefully something we feel will contribute to the stigma against Webcam Models (how about stigma in the industry that AW groups/studios are scams?), and also protect them more.

Protection for our models – (who protects them from YOU)
When I started webcam modelling it became apparent to me that there was no real “protection” for us. No agent that I have ever come across helps models to protect their content, and also educates them in the laws surrounding your content if it is leaked, AND helps them prosecute any perpetrators.

Protection for our business, content and training –
It came to our attention recently that agencies are copying our work.
All our content on our Instagram and other social media platforms including our training is already automatically protected by copyright, but this was not enough for us.
We did not work hard for someone to come along and steal our work. It’s illegal under the “passing off” and copyright infringement laws.
We reserve the right to prosecute any party found copying, distributing copies, renting or lending copies, performing, showing or playing in public, making adaptions of our work, and/or putting it on the internet

You will have the option to "opt in" to our copyright contract, meaning your content will be protected. This is at no additional cost or higher percentage.


One of the most important things to me when starting this agency was that there was room for growth. From being with another agency previously, I knew how much I wanted to help others (you mean charge expensive rates then steal their credits), and be more than just a model within the agency. Unfortunately, it was not readily available for me to do more, and be credited for within the previous agency. That is why I have made the “Progression Scheme” so models within the agency can build their way up, if they choose to. Some models have worked their way up so high they are now running their own agency (are you teaching other people how to scam more models on AW?), one of our sister agencies! We have 6 other agencies under our franchise umbrella High Society International, High Society Models VIP, High Society Angels, High Society Dolls, High Society Queens and High Society Gems... Could yours be next? (Queens and Gems - heard those ones before, Looking at you Londom Sapphires)


We are one of the very few agencies that can set up models from outside of the UK. (We can accept any country apart from the US – this is due to insurance purposes) (insurance for what?)I will be doing another post separately about what we need in order to do this. We are able to send international payments from our business bank account, or we can use Paypal too. (paypal in adult industry from an adult company = no no).

EVERYTHING WE DO IS ABOVE BOARD (see the very last line above)

We are going to section this point out, as it is THE most important point. We are the only agency out there that does everything above board. We do everything legitimate, and we are always transparent with our models. This, is what makes us continuously stand out from every other agency out there. We are not ran nor owned by a corporate, money making machine. We are ran by an experienced webcam model, who used to webcam on this very site. - keep telling yourselves you are legitimate, stealing credits, deleting profiles are not legitimate things to do, setting aside your high % charged.


This may seem like an odd benefit to some, but webcam modelling can get very lonely, especially if you are having a bad day. All the models on the group chat are so supportive! They motivate you, they empower you, and most importantly, support you; in every aspect of your life, not just regards to webcamming. We are the best group of colleagues you will ever meet! It’s always given me the creeps when seeing an agency the uses a third party site to communicate via forums etc. it feels robotic and not very approachable or easily accessible. We use WhatsApp so that there’s always a friendly model, admin team member, manager or even myself to chat to / ask for help! Even with over 1500 models, I ALWAYS still pop in the group chats to stop and have a chin wag.


We have a system and schedule in place which helps our models to feature on the homepage regularly. We run regular competitions where you can win £250 worth of featuring credits, meaning you don't have to pay to feature if you win!


We pay (at no extra cost to you) to feature the whole group on the Homepage. We have discovered that this massively boosts the traffic of the models online. Every so often I send out up to date dates of what days we are featured on. We try and feature as much as possible.


We are about to host a massive collaboration with numerous businesses which we are hoping will become a regular occurrence. This is an opportunity for small businesses to collaborate with our models to promote their business, and a way for our models to have a fun day taking photos, videos etc for their profiles and social media.


GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. Companies that collect data on citizens in European Union (EU) countries need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data. This means we are trained to hold your personal data securely.


The ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) is an independent body dedicated to upholding information rights in the public interest and data privacy for individuals in the UK. This entails making sure they process personal information in a fair and transparent manner that respects an individual’s rights. – We are registered and therefore commissioned by them, as a legitimate agency... Not just a group on Adult Work. We are a Modelling Agency.


We are a limited company, who you can find on Companies House. Companies House is an essential part of the business community, as it acts as a central hub for all company details. It provides necessary protection and information that results in a stable and fair environment of business operation. You can see all our end of year accounts, creditors and debtors, so essentially what we have in "our pot" This is very important information. As you will be able to see that even if Adult Work were not to pay the agency your arrear credits one wee, we would still be able to pay you. We are very financially stable.

igh Society Models has been featured in The Sun, The US Sun, Daily Star, Birmingham Live, Gloucester Live, Nottingham Live, Manchester Evening News, Jo Co Uk, Echo, Metro, Clarin, MSN News, North Wales Live, Wales Online, Emintra, LaPatilla, Stern, Flipboard and many other news papers world wide including places like Peru, Germany and Argentina! This led to our social media being flooded with followers, and not just those interested in webcamming themselves. We have gained a lot of followers who could potentially evolve into clients too.


We have a very small turn around of models. We have had a total of 35 models leave the agency in total. 6 of which returned as the "grass was not greener" We understand that some agencies offer a higher take homes than us, but we charge what we do because of all our added benefits, and because we are the best agency out there. If you do decide you would like to leave us, there is never any hard feelings. Your profile will be released, intact fully, minus any copyright wording of mine. I will then pay you whatever credits are on your profile. I am within my right to keep your credits and pay them 2 weeks in areas as per Adult Works Terms of agreement, but I choose not to (As frankly, 1. if you want to leave, I'd rather you go happy and 2. It's more admin work for me!) As long as you have given 1 weeks notice as per our group terms simply by dropping me a message to let me know, and put a leave request in with Adult Work there is no malice here. You are welcome back at anytime!

>> We have grown to be one of the biggest agencies on here within less than a year for a reason. Come and find out why <<

Please get in contact on information for how to join.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Emily xox

Please feel free to visit our website for more information including our FAQs -


More About us

High Society Models, High Society International and High Society Models VIP are all owned and ran by Emily. She launched the initial agency High Society Models due to previously being a member of another agency, and working on this site! She managed the social media and recruitment for them as well as always trying to implement innovative ideas but they were always dismissed. Eventually, she grew fed up with not being listened to and so decided to start her own agency. She knew she could bring something new and creative to the webcam industry, and that is just what she did.

Since launching in 2021 High Society Models is now one of the biggest Webcam Modelling Agencies in the world.

Emily believes this is because she knows firsthand as a model what is required of an agent in order to have happy, good performing models, and implements that into running the agency. She also knows from years of experience the best tricks and tips of the trade.

It is also important to Emily as an agent to empower the models. She strongly believes that everybody is beautiful. Unlike most webcam modelling agencies out there, all the agencies within the High Society Model’s ‘umbrella’ are open to women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. This is not a one size fits all kind of role, your personality and energy online determine your success: not just your look. There is a niche for all women within the agencies

Since launching High Society Models in early 2021, Emily has since launched other sister agencies; High Society Angels, High Society International, High Society Models VIP and coming soon – High Society Dolls, High Society Queens, and High Society Gems (which are all run by models who have worked their way up the progression scheme). These agencies have exactly the same standards, training, and support. She launched these sister agencies so that models within the agencies have more room to progress, which could even result in more models launching their own agencies under the High Society Models ‘umbrella’ meaning generating more availability for us to help more prospect models!


As a last note, I gave up  after the last piece of green text there, they just keep repeating they are legitimate, they are above board etc when they clearly arent.

Its best to avoid these kind of groups at all costs.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

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