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Hi all, I went to see “sweet_tempation” (yes the girl is illiterate) on Sunday I was robbed. I agreed to go at 1830 I arrived girl wasn’t wearing make up, showed me to the room. Paid £360 for two hours, she took the money said she was going to put it safe told me to get undressed and left moments later ugly black guy walks in with a machete says to get the fuck out. I was undressed he screamed for more money, he took a further £150. Girl was in background laughing her head off. I couldn’t put my clothes on an nearly had a heart attack. He said if I told anyone that he would cut my dock of. I was in sweats and palpitations. I had a break down in the car. 

Her address is 
233 Whiltshire Road 
DE21 6FE
NUMBER 07729 536950

Please be warned about these two, he’s probably pimping her out. She’s around 20 years old and he’s at least 50 hopefully they both OD on crack        

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