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Once again, Romanian Disappoint
I just want to share my experience for awareness to my fellow punters.

I went to see a Romanian worker. All communication was fine until I got to her apartment.

I asked for 1 hr stay.

Literally 1 minute into the session, she demanded me to finish.

Her attitude changed from welcoming to rude. 

Its the usual after you hand over the money, then they already want you out for the next customer.

Note that I am a clean, gentle guy before anybody thinks I have a problem.

My mood instantly gone completely because the girl showed absolutely no intention of continuing

She began to use insults like "you are no longer hard" or "can you not cum"

At which point I got up, got dressed, walked out and spoke to the brothel mama. 

The brothel mama apologized and paid me back half an hr worth of cash. 

The other half hr paid was literally 1min work, but  brothel mama said because you penetrated her, the service provided. 

This is absolutely dreadful. Daylight robbery and insult. I left with half the cash returned as I didn't want to escalate the incident.

However, imagine if some violent or drunk guy goes in, I don't think they will let them take the piss
Mate, they're just out to fleece people who are naive.
Have you consirdered seeing an Oriental Lady?
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Is Count Dracula to blame?

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