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I think I will be 100% done with before too long...
Nah, you guys.
(20-06-2021, 16:11)peteraonfilm Wrote: The women on there act so entitled. It's crazy. I should honestly just accept that just isn't for me. From being blocked for no reason to just sulking in the cold silence from the users, to like, not even getting laid at the end of it all. It's just not worth the fruitless pursuit and the drag that comes with the membership.

I have messaged tons of women, being nice. Sometimes, yes. I can come across as overly enthusiastic. But generally, I try to be laid back, because I know not to treat others like garbage. Often, however, I don't get any reply at all. Like what is the point of making an effort when nobody replies? It's just so off putting. Yet on OnlyFans, nothing you play loads up because of the terrible server and they even charge you to see their DM replies. 

A lot of profiles that turn up on the site are fake, or at the least, just there to self-promote external content. It's honestly become a minefield when it comes to finding anybody sincere, whether you're supposed to be paying for their time or not. 

Some women expect you to have like 5 positive feedback reviews before they will consider seeing you. Granted, I know that's to weed out the same shit I'm accusing them of doing - wasting my time. But what the hell is this? Bloody eBay? For Christ's sake. I wouldn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry on crappy sites like UKPunting knowing my business anyway. I'm a very private person. In fact, I have to be careful for a reason, giving the magnitude of personal problems I've had with people and I cannot let any of that leak out. 

I did tell a woman months ago I have autism, and she blocked me. Seems very much like she is just another one of the flaky sort. Well, her and her friend @MLSlave on Twitter, are sub girls. They look gorgeous, but the one named Bella has a misleading amount of information on her page, because when you contact her, she attempts to get you to visit Glasgow where her mistress resides, despite claiming to be based in Edinburgh. She also blocked me on WhatsApp too, for saying I had problems with the dungeon in Edinburgh. That wasn't terribly smart, I suppose.

The dommes there took the piss years ago. I went there in 2016 to see a Spanish visitor and some now defunct member of these forums said shit about me. Haven't gone there since 2016, but I don't know if I got barred. They were spreading nasty hearsay as well.

Oh my God. It's just not worth the hassle. The site is just full of arrogant women. It's enough to turn you into a poof.

P.S. This is the girl, here, who apparently hates all of the "retarded" men.
 sorry you have gone trgh that but im sure not all escorts are the same  you were kind ofn unlcky on thisSmiletry other sites 

like uescort, vivastreet  
but if you are looking something different like transsexual, 
im bix so i have tired escorts & many transsexuals and i have always got the best services by trans girls 
when it comes to adultwork escorts some of them they behave like they are the only female escort in the country!
Yeah. I was fortunate enough to meet some nice dolls in the past as well, including the occasional Thai transgender. But these days, I don't know. Many of the members on that site have a funny, self-centered attitude. Because I have noticed that when I send a normal enough message, just trying to get a friendly bit of banter going, they act really snappy. Some of their profiles do not sound very endearing either. Too many threats of blocking users that don't meet their own little demands, others just interested in offering you wank fodder in otherwise boring and pointless broadcasts, and of course, there are a lot of criminal types and fakes. Although to be honest, escorts are the least of my problems these days...

I was receiving support from Autism Initiatives years ago. I have had years and years of absolute hassle, because of these women who supported me. It got that bad, that I ended up in court over them, countless times, being accused of some outrageous crap. So basically, I've been screwed over loads of times by the bent legal system in Scotland. However, I'm apparently not alone in that regard. So many clients have had issues with Autism Initiatives. 

To make matters worse, I got slandered by people to do with these low budget films, so I did not get to be an extra in some local stuff. But if you really think about it, getting somebody blacklisted from being a bit part actor or whatever, is incredibly dumb sounding. They also accused me of "harassing" them, when I was minding my own damn business, contacting people online about getting a minor role in something that seemed interesting. But it's not nearly as dumb as some support worker, sending me a lot of abusive emails in 2008, talking about Eddie Guerrero from WWE, and my ex. And this went on until 2010, too.


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